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A safe place for you to create a healthy balance between mind and body as you uncover your new role

Meet Mischa

Clinical Social Work/ Therapist, LCSW, PMH-C

Welcome... I am honored you are here (and willing to take the first step in feeling better)

My intention is to help you navigate the challenges from grief and loss to find your rhythm in this new role, regardless of whether or not you are a first-time mom. To improve the feelings associated with your experience of motherhood, by working together to process the sad, scary, or negative memories of your birth story in a way that empowers, nurtures, and supports you. Through our work I want to remind you of your worth and show you that you are not just a mom. 


What I Specialize In

Happy Family

“You may not control all of the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them” Maya Angelo

Motherhood - is like no other hood. It can build you up- help you break generational curses in your own family by unmasking things about yourself and your family’s story. And it can cause devastating blows- like feeling lonely and overwhelmed. 
Motherhood is a choice you make continuously, regardless of how tired, sad, angry, or all of the above you may feel. A choice to put the happiness and well-being of someone else ahead of your own, to do the right thing- when you’re not sure what the right thing may be, and to forgive yourself, over and over and over again especially when the guidebook must have been misplaced and it feels like you’re doing it all wrong.
Motherhood is fantastic and life altering. However, it can be hard to see and feel confident, good, or appreciate it as prenatal or postpartum depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, racing thoughts, panic attacks, rage, or insomnia. You are not alone (even if it feels that way sometimes!).
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