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Momming Is HARD! The 5 “Happy” Hormones to Help Your Mood

As moms, the momming never seems to end. The hours spent doing both visible and invisible tasks throughout our day that often go unrecognized. The time spent cleaning, scheduling, problem-solving, the arranging and rearranging, all while feeling like you’re somewhere between “just let go” and “there is no other option.” We persevere and continue to push forward because we know that when someone is sick, asks what’s for dinner, or needs that thing they can’t find, someone must be there to help, to do, and to find—and that someone is often Mom.

When pulled in so many directions, between some correlation of work, home, and personal life; wearing so many hats— chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, nurse, teacher, assistant, scheduler, volunteer, party planner, timekeeper, and so on—momming can begin to feel exhausting, overwhelming, stressful, and intense and cause guilt, resentment, sadness, and irritability.

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