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Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum can be gratifying, blissful, and full of joy and happiness. However, for many families the exact opposite can also be true for many reasons. Some levels of stress, intense and unpredictable emotions, and some feelings of uncertainty regarding fertility, trying to get a handle on life with a newborn, and/or managing the grief that accompanies what can feel like failure when your body “doesn’t do what it’s supposed to”.  You are likely to have expectations of how things were supposed to go. How this process should have been. Reality hit hard when that didn’t happen huh? All the thoughts and ideas you had when you began this plan on having kids…  
I don’t know the journey it took to bring you here, maybe you will share it with me.


Individual Therapy

If you’re looking for one on one, confidential therapy this option is for you.

Arm Around Shoulder

Support Groups - Free

A support network forged in solidarity to help put concerns into perspective, bring relief, gain resources, share highs and lows, and decrease the feeling of isolation.  Learn more about the latest postpartum support group offerings

“Did you know? 1 in 7 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads suffer from postpartum depression” 

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