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What The Bump

Group for expectant mothers, who are seeking support, solidarity, and sisterhood. 

A group for expectant mothers, who are seeking support, solidarity, and/or sisterhood. 

(You’ve got everything off the baby list now what) ... At a time when remaining in seclusion is safe but remaining in seclusion feels counterintuitive, as you’ve stopped participating in previously enjoyable group activities, here’s an opportunity to try them again in a different way.

Monthly, Every 2nd Monday
at 10:00AM EST on Zoom 

WTF isn’t What I Expected

New Babies, new mama’s, and a place to put some intense feelings. 

Looking for a place that can offer you nonjudgmental support, where they understand what you’re feeling and you feel comfortable reaching out to others who’ve been through the same thing. Welcome to this online community. Come as you are! Unwashed hair or unshowered, coffee/tea in hand, with or without your little one.

Here you will see that it’s normal to feel unlike yourself and fatigued after having a baby. It’s normal to feel worried about making a series of bad decisions. It's normal to feel stressed out (to say the least), and to feel completely overwhelmed by everything that was going on. It’s also normal to not enjoy every moment and maybe you never truly had the “glow”.

Monthly Every 2nd Thursday
at 6:30PM EST on Zoom 

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The Other ”F word” Fatherhood

Group for father’s/partners
For new fathers, experienced fathers, and soon to be fathers

Coming Soon
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