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Looking for clinical supervision and consultation that includes an emphasis on the importance of ethical and competent practice, as well as prioritizing the well-being of clinicians through self-care and maintaining overall well-being. 

I am committed to active engagement by assigning concrete tasks to foster a sense of accountability and progress, ensuring that clinicians are continuously growing and refining their skills. I am not here to give you the answer, but to help you find it. My approach embodies a blend of mentorship, collaboration, and personalized guidance with clinicians seeking to excel in the field of mental health, and specifically perinatal mental health. 

My goal is to not only benefit the clinicians but also ultimately enhances the quality of care provided to clients and overall job satisfaction.

  • Individualized learning experience 

  • Challenge, support, and empower you in your work with clients 

  • Providing a wealth of resources

  • Find a balance between professional excellence and personal well-being

  • Preventing burnout 


Incorporating these elements into your supervision and consultation, along with my dedication to providing support and an enriching experience speaks volumes about my commitment to your success and will foster trust, motivation, and resilience in you as you navigate through your professional journeys. 

If you believe that my expertise aligns with what you're looking for and you feel comfortable with my approach, and you are interested in a meet and greet, please fill out the detailed information below. 

Investment- fee non licensed clinician $75; fee licensed clinician $150

Thanks for submitting! If applicable, please also email your most recent resume to

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